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Clown Summit

I must admit, I missed last year’s Clown Summit. But, it is back and the Clown Summit 2012 starts today. The Clown Summit is an online, audio event where you can listen to interviews with select clowns from around the world. The interview will be available to listen to for free for only 24 hours. Then, the next day a new interview will be posted. After the Clown Summit ends, the interviews will be available for purchase.

This year’s schedule includes:

  • Day 1 – January 30th
    Joe Dieffenbacher of The Clown Conservatory
  • Day 2 – January 31st
    Sue Morrison of The Institute of Canadian Clowning
  • Day 3 – February 1st
    Jesse Dryden of Circus Smirkus
  • Day 4 – February 2nd
    Ronlin Foreman of The Dell’ Arte School with Joe Krienke and Gabe McKinney
  • Day 5 – February 3rd
    Pricilla Mooseburger of Mooseburger Camp
  • BONUS Day 6 – February 4th
    Jango Edwards of The Nouveau Clown Institute

Websites for Clowns

I am in the process of building two new websites. This website (Just for Clowns) and Websites for Clowns. Both are websites that will hopefully provide information that will help the professional clown, but their focus will be different.

I plan to use the website to discuss topics related to becoming a better clown. I will share jokes, announcements of upcoming conventions, product reviews, and other items that I come across.

I plan to use Websites for Clowns to present topics related to the business side of being a clown including websites, business cards, and marketing. I launched my own personal website in 2004 and since then have created and maintained several other websites for myself and others. I have also spent countless hours on the Internet and hope to be able to share some of what I have learned.

Welcome to Just For Clowns

Welcome to Just For Clowns, a new blog by Mike Becvar aka Sir Toony Van Dukes.  In 2009, I started another website project, The Clown Network, where I am creating a resource for the professional clown. One of the challenges that I faced with that website is the fact it is hand coded and not using a database to manage the content. It means it takes a little more effort on my part to maintain and update the content. I am hoping that by using a WordPress Blog template, that it will be a little easier for me to manage this website. This also mirrors some of the work I have done with the Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Blog which I created in April 2011.

Welcome and let’s hope for a long and successful future.