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Video by Warped Media for the 2016 Sato48 Challenge

Not So Down To Clown

Video posted by Kara Brower

Clown Commercial for Routeradar

WCA Insurance

The following comes from the World Clown Association about their insurance…

It’s that time of year when the World Clown Association offers our new insurance policy. After analyzing the needs of our members and discussing options with our insurance provider, we are happy to once again offer the best affordable option in insurance to you.
WCA insurance specifics for United States members:

1. Cost is $150. The policy runs from May 1 through the end of April 2017 however you can join anytime.

2. You receive one million dollars in coverage per occurrence, and 2 million dollars per event. While this is a group policy the limits are per event. So if someone has a claim the limits reset for the next event.

3. Our WCA policy is a non-deductible policy. What that means is that if you have a claim against you, you don’t need to worry about paying anything. WCA insurance coverage starts at the first dollar.

4. Here’s something new for 2015: In the past, a performer could add an “additional insured” for $30. These are generally venues that are asking to be added onto a policy (fairs, malls, hotels, libraries, etc.). WCA leadership has made the decision to no longer charge for this extra add-on. You will receive as many “Additional Insured” certificates/coverage as you need for FREE when you have WCA insurance!

6. We want our Canadian members to be aware that insurance coverage may be obtained in Canada from our “sister organization,” CLOWNS CANADA. For more information on that go to

7. ANY questions you may have concerning WCA performer’s insurance there is information on our webpage at or, please contact our Business Manager, Andrew Moler, at or call 219.487.5317.

I’m confident that WCA continues to offer the best options for its members including the finest insurance coverage. I’m glad that you’ve chosen to be a part of the bright future of the World Clown Association.

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Randy Christensen

Wash Women COAI Las Vegas 2016

Richard Gottschlich
Paula Biggio and Yvonne Brogdon doing a clown skit at COAI Las Vegas April 7, 2016 for the All Star Circus Review

Kitty le clown audition banquier 2016

Kitty le clown (Michelle Lafontaine) audition banquier 2016

Roby le clown audition banquier 2016

Roby le clown (Robin Cadoret) audition banquier 2016

Labour of Love – Circus Clown

By Expresso Show
Alick Whata, known as Little Alick, works as a clown in the Mclaren Circus. Originally from Zimbabwe, he has been with the circus for over 15 years and is completely passionate about his job.

What not to do…

KidsFirstTV show a face painting demo while the clown is very distracting.

Upstage is the area towards the back of the stage. The focus of the audience is usually downstage (closer to the audience). When a performer upstages another performer, they are drawing the audience’s attention away from the primary performer. In this video, the clown is being very distracting while the primary focus should be on the boy who is having his face painted. When doing skits and other performances, many clowns have a hard time being still and think they must constantly be doing something, but if they are in the background, they shouldn’t do anything that draws the audience’s attention away from the main performance.

ClownBucks Coffee gag

Wally Darkmon
The World Famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clowns present their “Clownbucks” Coffee Gag during pre show of Circus XTreme 2015.