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How to keep from sweating your makeup off

By Pricilla Mooseburger
I hate to be indelicate….. …but DO YOU SWEAT?!?

Skin Prep Pro is an antiperspirant that is quick & easy to use:
1. Wipe on skin with a cotton-ball.
2. Let dry for 15 seconds.
3. Now you’re ready to apply make-up!

It’s perfect for stage productions, outdoor summer events, or anytime you need a little extra insurance.
It used to be called “No Sweat”, and they recently changed the name to “Skin Prep Pro”

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Behind the scenes with the Ringling Bros. clowns

By the The Dallas Morning News
Meet Taylor, Dean, Julia, and Truett. The four clowns have made a stop in Dallas as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus continues through Aug. 14 at the AAC.

How NOT to apply clown makeup

Video by Kyle Pray

Tutorial Clown Makeup – Not in English