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Pelukyta Puts On His Clown Makeup

Miguel Flores, aka Pelukyta the Clown, put on his clown makeup at a Just Clowning Around of Northern Virginia alley meeting earlier this year.

Just Clowning Around of Northern Virginia – Clown Commercial 2013

Members of Just Clowning Around of Northern Virginia (JCA) get together to show what they learn as members of the clown alley. If you want to learn how to be a clown, join your local clown alley.

For more information about JCA, visit the website at

Giggle Blossom the Clown Answers Questions

Giggle Blossom the Clown has kindly answered a list of Clown Questions about what it is like being a Clown Entertainer. Giggles reveals the size of Clowns feet, what is takes to become a Clown and what her funniest clown joke is. Watch this clown video for some real chuckles.

Billy Writes a letter to Santa 2013

This is a puppet character CLaroL has been doing for a few years. This year Billy will be introduced via a new joint production “The Kookie Christmas Comedy Show” with Matthew Romain. This actual routine is not part of KCCS show – which is a variety of puppets, live music and comedy. Hope to have some video of the KCCS show up soon. This is just goofing around. Enjoy!

Circus clown time lapse

Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit

A good story about the healing power of laughter.

News for Clowns of All Ages – Episode 8 – Mid Atlantic Clown Association Convention Part 1

Sir Toony Van Dukes presents another episode of News for Clowns of All Ages. In this episode, he visits the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association 30th Annual Convention in Harrisburg, PA. This video was filmed November 6th-10th, 2013. Please enjoy Part 1.

With Mike Becvar as Sir Toony Van Dukes

Mid-Atlantic Clown Association or MACA

A production of The Clown Network

Fire Safety Clowns

Turkey Troubles
Fort Worth Fire Safety Clowns demonstrate turkey frying safety tips.

Christmas Tree Safety
Axe and friends demonstrate the “don’ts” of Christmas tree safety in “Zappy Holidays!”

Bunky and Blondi at MACA

Bunky and Blondi Gretton at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Clown Association Convention in Harrisburg, PA.

Stagecoach in Space

Mind Reader