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Samy Miklaszewski the young juggler of Saltimbanco Italiano

Believe in yourself since smaller and you will achieve big dreams, Samy has started when he was 4 years old and thought the passions and training with all the staff of Saltimbanco Italiano have become a professional Juggler.

Clown School With The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Xtreme

Nikki-Dee Ray visits the circus…

Clowns Juggling at the Hospital

Team Heal Duane shared this video of two clowns juggling.

Clown Around with RHINOSHIELD PlayProof iPhone Case

Fort Wayne TinCaps Circus Night

Fort Wayne TinCaps have a circus night

wesley williams (Woo Woo Clown)

Interview with a talented young man who has a passion for being a clown. Here is another video of Wesley…

Woo Woo the Clown – Camp Jam Benefit

Just Clowning Around of Northern Virginia – Clown Commercial 2013

Members of Just Clowning Around of Northern Virginia (JCA) get together to show what they learn as members of the clown alley. If you want to learn how to be a clown, join your local clown alley.

For more information about JCA, visit the website at

Jordy the Clown of the Kansas City Clowns

Jordy the Clown of the Kansas City Clowns at Crown Center on August 3rd, 2013. The show was performed to celebrate National Clown Week.

There is something about falling down that kids find funny… And only a clown can make falling down look so good.

Storybook Circus Wowzer

Sometimes, I think clowns rely on talking too much. This clown does a great job entertaining without having to talk. His routine would work well in places where the clown and audience don’t speak the same language.

News For Clowns of All Ages – Episode 6

News for Clowns of All Ages – Episode 6 – New Clowns Part 1

Sir Toony Van Dukes presents another episode of News for Clowns of All Ages, a production of The Clown Network. This episode is for those clowns who are just getting started. Sir Toony Talks about joining national, regional, and local clown organizations; finding clown training and attending conventions; and shares a few jokes. In the episode, Sir Toony mentions a lot of groups and websites including:

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