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Red Skelton Clown School

A few years ago, the Red Skelton Clown School was started at Vincennes University in Indiana. The 5th Annual Red Skelton Clown School was planned for June 4-9, 2013 and would also mark Red’s 100 Birthday. Unfortunately, last week, they announced that the Red Skelton Clown School has been postponed until further notice. While I have had the opportunity to attend the school, it is a loss for both the Vincennes community and clowns looking for a quality educational experience.

FrankO The Grin & Barrett Klown

Frank Barrett, aka FrankO The Grin & Barrett Klown, talks about becoming a clown after he retired from the RCMP.

Rose City Clowns

This is an introduction to the Rose City Clown’s for 2013. The President and Vice President of this Northwest COAI alley in Portland OR have fun creating a visual video to send to all of its members. They hope who ever sees this that it makes them smile, laugh and want to check out their group on

Highlights from Circus Magic Convention

Last week, I attended Circus Magic Convention in Williamsburg, VA. I must admit, that I felt the energy level was lower than previous years. I have been going each year since attending my first time in 2009. I almost didn’t go, but when I saw that I had the opportunity to take a two day workshop with Jim Howle, I decided to go. This is one of the stops on Jim’s Farewell Tour and he isn’t planning to attend conventions after the tour ends.

COAI Director of Conventions

I got an email from COAI about a vacancy in the position of COAI Director of Conventions…

Due to health reasons, the position of COAI Director of Conventions has become vacant. If you are interested in becoming the Director of Conventions for COAI (finishing the present term ending June 30, 2014), please Email or snail mail a letter of interest along with your qualifications to Glenn Kohlberger, COAI President and Mike Cox, COAI Executive Vice President at:

Glenn Kohlberger
4155 Torres Circle
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Mike Cox
9415 Alameda Ave.
Richmond, VA 23294

This is a volunteer COAI officer’s position with voting rights on the COAI board of directors. (Below you will find the duties of that position originally described in the November/December issue of the New Calliope volume 28, number 6):

The Director of Conventions is responsible for working with any and all alleys that desire to submit a bid for future conventions; works directly with alleys that have been awarded the convention(s); maintains convention criteria: coordinates and oversees the convention competitions.

Requirements for consideration for the position of COAI Director of Conventions:

  1. You must be in good standing and a member of COAI for two years prior to this appointment.
  2. You must submit a declaration of your interest for the position of Director of Conventions to the COAI President and Vice President by email. (; )
  3. Submit a non-clown photo (at the highest megapixels available to you)
  4. Email or snail mail must be received by April 1, 2013
  5. A nominee is not eligible if he or she is a voting officer of any National or International clown oriented association. This does not apply to regional or local clown associations such as your local alley.
  6. Only one member of a family shall serve on the Board at one time

Clownfest 2013

For the last several years (or more) Clownfest has been in Seaside Heights, NJ, in September after Labor Day Weekend. Well, last year, Sandy struck Seaside Heights pretty hard and Clownfest was forced to find a new location (at least for this year’s convention).

Clownfest is Taking The Show On The Road…
August 22 to 24, 2013
Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center
2300 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30)
Lancaster, PA

Clownfest is celebrating 32 years of clown fun and training. It is the only Clown Festival in the world. Clownfest moves to a great PA location at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center. Bring the family for a special FUN vacation. Over 20 classes with the finest clown trainers.

On Friday night join in the Big Clown Parade at the home of the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball team. Each clown will get a ticket to bring a friend.

Miniature Clown Shoes

I stumbled upon the website for JRS Collectible Clown Shoes a few days ago. They make miniature clowns shoes that I think would be a great gift for any clown or circus fan. Each miniature clown shoe is cast from durable resin, hand-painted, and fitted with a shoelace in a color coordinated to the shoe. The casting is modeled after the right shoe of a pair of actual Spear Specialty Shoes Company Lollipop Wingtips. Each shoe is packaged in a box suitable for gift-giving (approximately 5½”x3½”x3½”).