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What not to do…

KidsFirstTV show a face painting demo while the clown is very distracting.

Upstage is the area towards the back of the stage. The focus of the audience is usually downstage (closer to the audience). When a performer upstages another performer, they are drawing the audience’s attention away from the primary performer. In this video, the clown is being very distracting while the primary focus should be on the boy who is having his face painted. When doing skits and other performances, many clowns have a hard time being still and think they must constantly be doing something, but if they are in the background, they shouldn’t do anything that draws the audience’s attention away from the main performance.

Woolly And Tig – The Clown 11

When Tig goes shopping with her Mum she sees a clown. The clown frightens her. Woolly explains that the clown is just a man with a painted face. He suggests Tig goes and have her face painted like a clown too.

Lu-C-Lu The Clown’s interview with Michigan Magazine

Lu-C-Lu The Clown at Cops & Doughnuts Bakery in Clare, MI during the Irish Festival.