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A Ringling Bros. Relative is Keeping the American Circus Alive (HBO)

VICE News Tonight visits the Kelly Miller Circus, run by the nephew of the Ringling Bros. He’s filling circus tents nightly and says the high profile closure could be good for business.

Red Nose Day

Through the power of entertainment, Red Nose Day raises awareness and money to help the kids who need us most, both at home and around the world.

Get ready—Red Nose Day returns May 25.

In 1985, Comic Relief launched in the United Kingdom with the goal of using comedy to raise money and help those leading really tough lives. The goal? Creating a just world free from poverty.

The very first Red Nose Day was held in 1988. With millions of people participating in its first year, it was clear that a truly amazing movement was underway.

With every fundraiser held, TV special aired, partner enlisted, and Red Nose sold the movement continues to grow. Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion globally.

Since 2015, Red Nose Day in America has raised over $60 million to help kids and young people most in need. We’ll hope you join us on our journey as we make an even bigger impact.

First of May

May 1st is special for clowns. It is a birthday of sorts and a name for new clowns. According to the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, the term “First of May”, derives from the opening of the new circus season, traditionally on or around the first day of May in the tenting circus days. The term is used to describe newcomers to the circus profession. Clowns in particular made much ado about “joining out” or being a First of May with all the innumerable inconveniences, indignities and splendid joys attendant to being a participant in the ancient and honorable brotherhood of clowning.

Now, many clowns, including those who never worked on a circus, call new clowns a “First of May”.

Wikipedia says, “First of May — A term also used in the carnival, meaning a novice performer in his first season on a show. Shows used to leave winter quarters for their opening spot on the first of May, and there are always some new workers hired on the first of May who have never worked shows before.”

Goodmagic says, “First of May — A novice performer or worker in his first season. Shows usually play the season’s opening spot on the first of May, so the term means someone “green” who is new to circus life.”

All About Clowns says, “A clown would begin to create his face as a “First of May,” which is what clowns were called during their first season with a show. By the time he was a “Johnny Come Lately,” (in the second season) he or she might still make changes.”

World Clown Association 2018 Convention

World Clown Association 2018 Convention
“Ringling Remembered – A tribute to historic Clowns”
March 12 – 16, 2018 Convention
Crowne Plaza Suites MSP Airport – Mall of America
Bloomington, MN

Greg DeSanto, Karen Hoyer and other Legendary clowns who have originally traveled with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Karen Hoyer has also served with the Big Apple Clown Care Unit. Greg DeSanto is currently the Executive Director at the International Clown Hall of Fame.

Early Bird Registration special ends on May 1st, however after that time you may still register at the following schedule:

$180 : Prior to May 1st 2017
$200 : May 2nd – September 1st 2017
$240 : September 2nd 2017 – December 1st 2017
$275 : December 2nd 2017 – February 1st 2018
$300 : After February 2nd
$180 : Overseas – Anytime*
$ 50 : Day Rate
$120 SOC (Spouse of Clowns)

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clowns visited Chick-fil-A Ridley and Springfield

Video by Delco News Network

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clowns visited Chick-fil-A Ridley and Springfield tonight to promote the Greatest Show on Earth’s last and final appearance in Philadelphia. Feb 17-21. Chick-fil-A has sponsored the circus for 5 years

Lindsay the Clown from Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus
Video by Kelle Pressley-Perkins

Ringling Bros. Circus to Close After 146 Years

Published on Jan 14, 2017

AP Exclusive: The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will end ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ in May, following a 146-year run. The AP learned declining attendance combined with high operating costs are among the reasons for closing. (Jan. 14)

60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: Anna, Raven, Harry the Clown and the Unicycle

Video by STAR999radio

It’s National Clown Appreciation Day so Anna and Raven had Harry the Clown from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the studio to talk clowning… and how to ride a unicycle. It’s not easy.

Friendly Clown ‘Lotsy Dotsy’ A “Rock” For Young Patients

Video by CBS Miami
CBS Miami’s Rudabeh Shahbazi reports.

Ringmaster Auditions

Do you have what it takes to lead The Greatest Show On Earth®?

Feld Entertainment®, the world’s largest producer of live, family entertainment is holding auditions for Ringmaster for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents Circus Xtreme®

DALLAS: Friday, Aug. 12th | 10am – 2pm
American Airlines Center
2500 Victory Avenue
Dallas, TX 75201

AUSTIN: Friday, Aug. 26th | 10am – 2pm
Frank Erwin Center
1701 Red River St.
Austin, TX, 78701

LAS VEGAS: Thursday, Sept. 8th | 10am – 4pm
Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts
3265 E Patrick Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89120

NEW YORK: Wednesday, Sept. 14th | 10am – 4pm
Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10018

ORLANDO: Friday, Sept. 16th | 10am – 2pm & 6pm – 10pm
Spotlight Dance Center
7751 Kingspointe Pkwy #102
Orlando, FL 32819

International Clown Week at Showmen’s Rest

17th Annual Celebration of International Clown Week at Showmen’s Rest

From August 1 thru August 7, clowns all over the world will be clowning around for International Clown Week. We are the official Chicagoland location in celebration of this event.

This event is a loving and festive remembrance of circus artists past, held in the nation’s most well known final resting place for circus artists, remembered especially for its elephant statues and roustabout headstones. This event includes speakers, laying of flowers, circus arts performances, LOTS of fun stuff for kids including activities and entertainment and contests with prizes, snacks and drinks, and many many many clowns. Bring lawn chairs or blankets and a youthful attitude.

Performers (clowns, acrobats, jugglers, etc) are welcome to come in costume and to share your talents at the end of the ceremony.

FREE event and open to the public; all ages welcome :o)
FREE prizes, games and entertainment
FREE food and refreshments
**There are no animals at this event.

Sunday August 7th, 1-3pm, FREE, all ages.
Woodlawn Cemetery, 7750 W Cermak Rd, Forest Park IL.

Want more info?
Our website:
FB event invite:

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