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Remembering Bozo from Little Rock

Gary Weir, the Arkansas Bozo from 1966 to 1991

Gary Weir – Arkasnas Entertainers Hall of Fame Induction Video

A video that was presented at the 2013 Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to introduce Gary Weir. Highlighting his career and all the contributions he made to Arkansas and the entertainment industry.

Corny Jokes

Q: Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes?
A: Because they were too corny!

Q: Why shouldn’t you tell a secret on a farm?
A: Because the potatoes have eyes and the corn has ears.

Q: How is an ear of corn like an army?
A: It has lots of kernels.

Q: What does Baby Corn call his father?
A: “Pop” corn.

Q: When is a corn like a quiz?
A: When it is popped.

Clownfest 2014

I noticed several videos were recently posted from Clownfest which is going on this week in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Pie Throwing at Clownfest 2014
Greg DeSanto & Toto Johnson lead a group of clowns through the basics of throwing and taking a pie.

Clownfest 2014 kickoff meeting
Vince Pagliano of NCAP talk about the Kickoff of Clownfest 2014.

Facepainting Quick Designs
Lavinia Solano talks about her Lecture on Painting Quick Designs at Clownfest 2014. Flowers, butterflies, snakes, baseballs and masks made easier. Art using blended cakes. Glitter is not overlooked!

Makeup Demo from Clownfest 2014
Leo Desilets and Joe Barney discuss the Clownfest 2014 Makeup Demo.


GreasePaint at Chagrin Film Festival

I was notified that GreasePaint, the documentary about Joey Thurmond and his family as they tour the US with the NoJoes Clown Circus will be featured at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is celebrating their 5th year of bringing the world to Northeast Ohio… It runs from October 8 to 12, 2014. Based on the schedule posted on their website, there will be two opportunities to see GreasePaint. It is schedule to play Thursday, October 9th at 5:15 PM at the South Franklin Circle and again on Saturday, October 11th at 3:15 PM at the Chagrin Falls Township Hall.

2014 Bump Nose Makeup and Clown Workshop

Bret Stahler, sent me an email about a clown event coming up that is being sponsored by the International Shrine Clown Association and the Antioch Shrine Funster Clowns. He said the event is to be held on Saturday, November 8th from 9am-8pm at the Antioch Shrine Center, 107 East First Street, Dayton, Ohio. This event is open to all clowns no matter their connection to any clown organization.

More Information

The International Shrine Clown Association and the Antioch Funster Clowns present
The 2014 ‘Bump Nose’ Makeup and Clown Seminar

Jim Howle, former Ringling clown and world renowned artist and much sought after presenter.

The tentative schedule includes: makeup and costume, character development, skit development and presentation, parade ability, magic demos, face painting demos, ISCA judging session and certification. Q and A ALL DAY!

Doughnuts and beverages all morning, lunch available, dinner available on site (so that you are not late returning from meals and risk missing anything!!)

Pickup and return to airport available upon request.

The 2014 ‘Bump Nose’ Makeup and Clown Seminar
Saturday, November 8, 2014
9am to 8pm.
Antioch Shrine Center
107 East First Street
Dayton, Ohio

Registration Fee is $50 per person.
Pre-registration not required but would be the courteous thing to do!

You do not have to be affiliated with any clown organization to attend there will be magic, makeup, and costume vendors there for your shopping needs.

For more information and registration, contact:
Bret Stahler, ISCA Education Director

Midwest Clown Association Roundup

The following email came from Angela Gonzalez about the Midwest Clown Association Roundup

Psst – want a little preview of the fun??…….

The Midwest Clown Association Roundup is coming soon! Be there October 1-5 in Davenport, Iowa, as we celebrate going “Back to School.”

There will be a coloring contest and everyone is invited to color. You will have crayons in your goody bag and you can color your own clown coloring sheet or pick anyone else in the coloring book you will receive. The colored pictures will be signed in and given a number, then posted around the hotel where the hotel employees will be invited to pick their favorite picture. There are prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and you will be famous!

Also to go along with the “Back to School” theme will be a great theme party. We will have a DJ for a sock hop but also serve a “standard” school lunch ( not PB and J), have a recess time of games with your favorite Phys. Ed. Teacher, and some exercises in reading, ‘ritin’, and ‘rithmetic. Put on your thinking caps to play “Are you Smarter than a Jr. Joey?”

The above is just a little taste of the fun being planned for the Roundup. Remember that we have two featured lecturers and performers, Julie Varholdt and Norm Barnhart (see attached flyer). There will be lots of classes in every clown skill and area that you want to learn more about. We are inducting a new member into the Midwest Hall of Fame – Lynette “Nettie Belle” McDonald, and we will be celebrating two members with a Lifetime Achievement Award – Nancy “Bubbles” Opatich and Bill “Bibo” Young.

Register today!!! You don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

P.S. If you have things to include in the goodie bag, please contact Lucy Mahoney ASAP at 708-361-8216.

Angela Gonzalez
Midwest Clown Association
Sargeant At Arms
116 S. Audubon Road, #4
Indianapolis, IN 46219