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What is BumBumBungo?

No clowning around here….Giggles wants to know what is BumBumBungo?

I don’t know, what is BumBumBungo?

Clown does flea circus with children

“Vanilla Swirl” the clown performs a make-believe flea circus for some children.

5 Week Clown Workshop at Clown Conservatory

Joe Dieffenbacher, Director of Clown Conservatory in San Francisco, California sent me an email asking if I would share information about their next clown workshop.


Clown: The Physical Comedian
Clown Workshop at Clown Conservatory
February 10 – March 16, 2014

Clown Conservatory is offering a 5 week study in Clown and Physical Comedy, with a healthy mix of Slapstick, Solo & Partner Acrobatics, Improv, Circus Skills and Creating an Act. The focus is on developing professional level performance material for cabaret, theatrical clowning, street theater and circus. It draws inspiration from traditional circus clowning but explores new possibilities, combining the naivete, curiosity, and open playfulness associated with clowns, with the more provocative, challenging and confrontational work of stand up comedy, street theater and satire. This is a chance to work with Teachers and Directors with years of experience in collaborating with artists to develop their ideas into a solid act, and helping actors to learn how to truly play with an audience.

Classes run 9-4pm, Monday thru Friday, with the possibility of students having free access to Circus Center’s Unlimited classes for extra training in Circus Arts. Application, tuition fees, schedule and scholarship information will be posted online by Sep. 26th so please check out their website. If you are interested in this Intensive, send an email to Clown Conservatory Director Joe Dieffenbacher at

Clown and Physical Comedy

Ad for the Clown and Physical Comedy workshop at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco

Ringling Clown College Auditions

Boston Globe video about the New England Clown College Auditions. No date given for when this happened. I didn’t hear about auditions there this year, but recognized several clowns as being part of the circus.

Jordy the Clown of the Kansas City Clowns

Jordy the Clown of the Kansas City Clowns at Crown Center on August 3rd, 2013. The show was performed to celebrate National Clown Week.

There is something about falling down that kids find funny… And only a clown can make falling down look so good.

Blind clown makes balloons

Marc Proulx, also known as Marco the Clown, is on a mission to create smiles–at everything from birthday parties and weddings to fundraisers and seasonal celebrations. Check out the video and read his story.

Clown at Duluth Lakewalk Festival

Toddles The Clown makes balloons at the Duluth Lakewalk Festival