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Clown Makeup Tutorial by Payasito Bailarin

How to make a professional friendly clown makeup.
Video by by Payasito Bailarin

Oddball The Clown & The Craft of Clowning

Video by Oddball The Clown

Are you interested in the art and craft of professional clowning? From makeup application and prop-building to skit performances and community parades, ODDBALL is here to help!

How to Apply Clown Makeup

Professional Clown Makeup Demonstration

Video by Payasito Bailarin
How to apply professional clown makeup

Clown Makeup Demo-Cha Cha the Clown

Video by COAI Jr. Joeys

This video shows one way to put on a simple Auguste style clown makeup. It’s important to follow your own face features when designing your clown character face design and to HAVE FUN! Clowns of America international welcomes you to become a member for more education and a bi-monthly magazine. The second part of this video introduces you to clowns from around the world and a brief description of clown types and categories. You will see a few clowns who competed at the 2017 COAI Clown Convention in Kansas City MO. They will explain the characteristics of the following clowns types; Lite Auguste, Auguste, Bag Lady, Tramp, Hobo, White Face, Comedy White Face, and Classic European White Face. This video has been created to educate those who want to learn more about clowning and it’s traditions. Making the world a happier place one smile at a time.

Makeup Tutorial with Jingles T Clown

Video by Paul & Company
This week Paul does his first ever make up tutorial on his channel with the help of his friend Jingles T Clown. They give you the hottest make up tips to help you achieve an iconic going out look that will leave you looking flawless!

How to become a clown

By aanewsmedia at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Getting Into Clown — John Aric Cleland

The Clown Face Registry of the UK

Video by Great Big Story

In England there is an official registry to document and track a clown’s unique makeup. Just as no two people have the same look, no two clowns wear the exact same makeup. No joke, there is even a person responsible for painting every face onto a tiny ceramic egg.

Great Big Story is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out amazing. Humans are capable of incredible things & we’re here to tell their stories. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.

Disneyland Circus Fantasy

An old Disneyland commercial advertising the Circus Fantasy event.

Other videos showing the Disneyland Circus Fantasy

How to keep from sweating your makeup off

By Pricilla Mooseburger
I hate to be indelicate….. …but DO YOU SWEAT?!?

Skin Prep Pro is an antiperspirant that is quick & easy to use:
1. Wipe on skin with a cotton-ball.
2. Let dry for 15 seconds.
3. Now you’re ready to apply make-up!

It’s perfect for stage productions, outdoor summer events, or anytime you need a little extra insurance.
It used to be called “No Sweat”, and they recently changed the name to “Skin Prep Pro”

The complete line of Mehron clown make-up products is available at Pricilla Mooseburger Originals:
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