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Corn Thin Clowns by Captain Active

Watch how Captain Active creates a couple of crazy, hilarious, yummy clowns using lots of active foods!

Dr. Pickles – Vivint TV Commercial 2014

Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2015 Commercial Mime

Imaginations run wild when a young girl and a mime find themselves fighting over a bag of Doritos.

Merry Christmas Clowns

Regia: Devlin Bogino
Clowns: Oriolo / Gensi / Eddy / Anatholy / Devlin
Camera: Sergi Buca

Punk Clown at the Circus

Description This is a short skit from the Hadi Shrine Circus 2014. It gives a new meaning to the phrase, “Burnt Rump Roast”! You will enjoy it.

Ringling Bros. HOW TO! Make your Own Clown Halloween Costume!

Ringling Bros. shared this video of using thrift store finds to create a clown costume for kids.

Stand out this Halloween with a one-of-a-kind costume! We’ll show you how to transform yourself into a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown with things you have at home and your local thrift store.

Considering these people work for the circus, the sample makeup job wasn’t all that great, but I guess it shows what parents without circus or makeup skills might do for their kids.

Ringling Bros. Clown Gag Night 2014

Ringling Bros. shared a video showing a brief taste of their Clown Gag Night…

A “gag”, sometimes referred to as a “skit” or “sketch” is a clown’s written and rehearsed performance. There were plenty of smiles and laughs at the annual Gag Night where the Ringling Bros. Clown Alley performed their newest gags for the first time in front of their fellow performers, producers & their families.