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Camp CO-AI 2014

The following email came from Cheri Oats about the upcoming COAI Convention…

The Clown Education Promotions, llc. is
Proud and Honored To Host
The 2014 Clowns of America International Convention
Camp Co-Ai 2014

April 29 – May 4 at the Wyndham Hotel in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
This convention is open to everyone: clowns, teachers, magicians, jugglers, twisters, or
face painters – there is something for everyone.
We invite you to come to Camp CO-AI.

Do you need a break from snow and cold? The only snow down here is Snow White. Put away your boots, hats, and snow shovels and come to Florida for educational experiences, games, and laughter.

There will be wonderful educational opportunities to hear from various board members and fourteen lecturers from all over the country as well as COAI competitions and contests galore. Here are some of the contests that we’re looking forward to:

  • MERIT BADGES will be given for all the events and for attendance at lectures. Those with the most badges will win prizes at the end of the convention.
  • FLASHLIGHT DECORATING will be a People’s Choice Award. Who goes to camp without a flashlight? Remember those nights when all the lights went out? Be prepared and don’t leave home without it.
  • SPOOKY STORYTELLING AROUND THE CAMP FIRE night will award a $50 prize for the best spooky story presentation. Think about it! Practice your best storytelling techniques and let your peers decide. $50 can go a long way at the Camp Store or Disney.
  • BUILD A SOCK PUPPET CLASS in the evening. All materials will be provided. All puppets will be displayed and a prize will be given to the best sock puppet; in addition, an instructor will try to arrange a fun skit with all the puppet people. After the puppet show you can buy the other sock and wear it home – just kidding.
  • FREE FORM FACE PAINTING is another People’s Choice Award. Paint anything you like. The only limit is the competition time: that will have thirty minutes. There will be glitter, feathers, jewels, and fun! Get your roommate or friend to be your model. This will take place before the General Membership meeting on Wednesday.
  • BALLOON CONTEST is also a People’s Choice Award. Have fun and be creative. Go for the gold; don’t settle for bronze or silver. Have fun.
  • GROUP CONTEST: There will be a monetary award for the cabin that wins the scavenger hunt. Come see how the cabins are selected, meet all kinds of new people, and find out what the winners receive. How good are you at finding clues?

There will be jams every night, hosted by many of your friends and members of your clown family.

If this isn’t enough, wait until you see the prizes in the Camp Store – you will have to come to find out what kind of prizes will be handed out. Sound interesting?

Don’t forget to enter all the traditional competitions as well: make up, single skits, group skits, face painting, balloons, and, of course, the Convention Best in Clown Award.

We can’t wait to see you and start the fun. You can RSVP by registering today online at or

Can you remember camp when you were younger? We are going to bring back some of those great feelings, but this time we will be in a beautiful hotel (no tents here), have Disneyworld at our back door (it may be a little Goofy), great food (s’mores of course), and wonderful camaraderie. Are you ready for camp?

Haven’t signed up yet? There is still plenty of time.
Don’t forget to reserve you room. Room rates may go up if the block is filled.
Can you see yourself in the next New Calliope accepting winning awards?
How many do you think you can get?


2014 Clown College® Auditions Announced

Every year, Ringling has a few clown college auditions. This one seems earlier than usual, but a great opportunity for clowns go have fun working with real Ringling clowns.

This is a once-in-a–lifetime opportunity to audition to become part of The World Famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Clown Alley.

Wednesday, March 12th
10:00am – 1:30pm
Prudential Center
25 Lafayette Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Register to participate using the form at the bottom of the page:

What do you look for in applicants to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College?

An overactive funny bone and a heart the size of Texas! Also: improvisational ability, a sense of timing, and a sincere desire to be a clown with The Greatest Show On Earth® are necessary characteristics of a potential applicant. Previous professional clowning experience is not required.

What happens when candidates are selected at an audition to continue being evaluated?

They will have an opportunity to see a performance of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey and a more detailed application will be filled out. From there, potentially, another meeting and an intensive training session will be held. The entire process will be reviewed to determine if there’s a mutual fit, and if so, a one year contract could be offered.


Auditionees must be 18 or older and come prepared to show a 3-5 minute routine. This routine should display exaggerated facial expressions and body language, showcase any unique physical skills (juggling, unicycle riding, gymnastics, etc.) and demonstrate an understanding of their comedy, a sense of personality and a true desire to become a member of the world famous, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Clown Alley.


Auditionees should not wear any clown makeup and should not wear any costumes. Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn. It is preferred, but not required, that you bring a headshot and a resume to your audition.

Clown Shortage

Where did this story come from? All of the clowns on social media are suddenly pointing to a story about the shortage of clowns. As far as I can tell, the word “shortage” was just one author’s take that seemed to sparked interest in all of the stories that followed. The one fact that I believe is true is that membership with Clowns of America, International (COAI) and World Clowns Association (WCA) are both down from previous years.

I have met many clowns who for one reason or another are NOT members of the national clown organization. They don’t see the value of being a member. To be honest, the two primary benefits are a magazine and the ability to compete if you attend their convention. I for one, have missed more of their conventions than I have attended.

But, here are some of the news reports that have popped up related to the story.

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Giggle Blossom talks about Bubba Clown Supplies

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