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News for Clowns of All Ages – Episode 9 – Mid Atlantic Clown Association Convention Part 2

Sir Toony Van Dukes presents another episode of News for Clowns of All Ages. In this episode, he continues his visit to the Mid-Atlantic Clown Association 30th Annual Convention in Harrisburg, PA. This video was filmed November 6th-10th, 2013. Please enjoy Part 2.

With Mike Becvar as Sir Toony Van Dukes

Mid-Atlantic Clown Association or MACA

A production of The Clown Network

wesley williams (Woo Woo Clown)

Interview with a talented young man who has a passion for being a clown. Here is another video of Wesley…

Woo Woo the Clown – Camp Jam Benefit

Clown Conservatory Clown Workshops

Clown Workshops at Clown Conservatory, Circus Center San Francisco. This video features program director Joe Dieffenbacher and students from the class of 2013. Crazy, absurd, imaginative and irreverent! Clown Conservatory offers Clown Workshops and classes in Physical Comedy, Mime, Slapstick, Acrobatics, Circus Skills and Developing original comic material. And it’s in San Francisco, one of the coolest cities on the planet. Check out our website for more information:

Now Casting: Clowns!

The following information came from Jordan Clifford, a Casting Associate Producer at Left/Right, an award-winning television production company that specializes in telling real stories about extraordinary people.


An award-winning production company is searching for members of the clowning community to participate in a new ensemble docuseries concept for a major cable network. We are looking for groups of clowning professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts, and everyone in-between. This project will highlight the creative culture of clowning and contrast these performers in-and-out of character. We’ll aim to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fun & fascinating world of clowning like it’s never been seen before!

We’re looking to hear performers who are passionate, colorful and comfortable on-camera. Whether you are Clown of the Year or just breaking into the scene, we want to hear your story!

Please email the following to be considered:

  • Name:
  • Location (City, State):
  • Contact info (email, phone numbers):
  • What is your occupation?
  • Who is your Clown Character? Please describe.
  • What is your character known for?
  • How did you begin clowning?
  • Are you part of an alley? If so, please tell us about it: how large, what is their mission, what are they known for?
  • What types of clowning events, groups or other involvement do you participate in on a regular basis?
  • Please describe your life and lifestyle outside of clowning. Are your friends and family aware/involved in your clowning?
  • Please include a few recent photos of you in and out of character, with your alley, and with your family.

The more insight you can give us, the better we’re able to get to know you! Thank you for your time… We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact ASAP