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Create the world’s greatest jingle for the Greatest Show On Earth

Create the world’s greatest jingle for the Greatest Show On Earth

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, otherwise referred to as The Greatest Show On Earth®, is the largest and most well-known circus in the world. Currently it plays in over 90 cities throughout the United States and is celebrating its 145th edition, making it America’s longest running live family show.

Now, the producers of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® are looking for an unmistakable jingle to serve as the new anthem for The Greatest Show On Earth®. So rev up your music machines and get ready to run away with the circus!

Here’s what the producers are looking for:

  • MODERN: An updated, modern, catchy anthem for The Greatest Show On Earth® for specific use in :30 and :60 ad spots
  • CALL TO ACTION: Lyrical content that highlights the brand essence and creates interest to attend (and experience) The Greatest Show On Earth®
  • URGENCY: Directly or indirectly conveys that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® is coming to town and can’t be missed!
  • INSPIRATIONAL: Arouses you to want to go see The Greatest Show On Earth®
  • APPEAL: Targets families in the 24-35 age range (with children between 3-10)

Here’s what they’re NOT looking for:

  1. NOT a song you’d associate with circuses from the past (i.e. they don’t want this.)

Due to certain restrictions, this contest is only open to residents of the United States of America

How to Pick Your Nose

How to Pick Your Nose (a CLOWN Nose, that is!)

DJ demonstrates clowns noses and glues by Acme/Renegade, Jim Howle, and ProKnows. All of the items discussed are available at Pricilla Mooseburger Originals:
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Winter Jokes

Q: What do you hear when a snowman enters a haunted house?
A: Ice screams!

Q: What do snowmen eat for lunch?
A: Icebergers!

Q: What do snowmen like to do on the weekend?
A: Chill out.

Q: What activity does Jack Frost like best about school?
A: Snow and tell.

Q: What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
A: Do you smell carrots?

Clowning Around At the Library: 2014!

Clowns from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus visit the Orlando Public Library to showcase tricks from their 2014 tour, “Legends.”

Professional Clowns get laughs with classic slap-stick

CNN: Steve and Ryan are Circus clowns with the Hermanos Vasquez Circus and they show us how physical comedy is universal.

Lu-C-Lu The Clown’s interview with Michigan Magazine

Lu-C-Lu The Clown at Cops & Doughnuts Bakery in Clare, MI during the Irish Festival.