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World Clown Association 2014 Convention

I just saw that the World Clown Association has announced the date and location for their 2014 convention (2014 WCA Convention
). It will be March 25-29, 2014 at the Crown Plaza, Northbrook, IL. The website says that, early bird registration is $140 through March 31, 2013, but doesn’t have a way to register….

World Clown Association – Membership and Insurance

Just a friendly reminder…. If you get your entertainer insurance from the World Clown Association, it is time to renew your membership. Membership and Insurance Renewals are due on May 1st. Be sure to send in your renewal for so as to not miss out.

Registration forms are available to download at:

Remember, you have options for entertainer’s insurance besides getting it from the World Clown Association. Evaluate your current needs and the plans, then select the one that will serve you best. If I am not mistaken, the policy offered by WCA does not cover employees or animals used in a show other than dogs, doves, and rabbits.


Ben Inteviews Bello Nock

Don’t miss Bello Mania! At the New Victory Theater in NY

Caring Clowns International

Caring Clowns International 10th Anniversary Promotional Video

COAI Convention Registration Sale

I just got this email from COAI:

The 2013 COAI National Convention is 30 days away!! If you haven’t registered yet this is your lucky day! We are having a registration sale. That’s right, a registration sale. If you get your registration postmarked either March 15th, 16th or 17th then you can register for the original price of $175. This is a limited time offer so if you have been trying to decide if you wanted to attend then you will not find a better time. There are lots of classes, the Eerie Nights Tour, the Friday night costume party and new friends and memories to be made!

Go to and click on conventions and then Richmond and then go to the convention website to get a registration form. [Or just go here] Fill it out, don’t forget to order a t-shirt for the photo op and then get it in the mail! Don’t miss it and have to listen to your friends talk about what a great time they had.

Please don’t reply to this email. Instead please respond to my email address below. Just click on the link.

If you’ve received this email and you have already registered, don’t worry. This is a blanket email going out to all COAI members.

See you in April!!

Sandra “Strawberry” Winstead
VA Alley #3
COAI 2013 Convention Chairman

Ringling Circus Clown Auditions

Think you have what it takes to be a clown? See what it takes to go to Ringling Bros. Clown College. A handful of amateurs are trying-out for a coveted opportunity to wear a funny nose and floppy shoes in The Greatest Show On Earth.




Send in the Clowns

Fools for Health

Fools for Health – Clown Doctors

Clowns Take Over the News

Dave the clown took over Local 6 Saturday on March 2, 2013. There was fun all around, and here was the result. Only after this video can you truly say you just got Local 6′ed!

Miss Beulah Pearl

This is Miss Beulah Pearl entertaining at the Mid Atlantic Clown Association in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. She apologizes for the sideways video, OOps! She hopes you enjoy this bit of silliness. Beulah is actually Julie Varholdt, an award winning clown who lives in the metro Phoenix area and clowns all over Arizona and internationally.