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Pay Me the Clown for Glasstire

A commercial for Glasstire by Pay Me the Clown

Clown Bilby – Clown (Ukraine)

A clown performance without words….

Moila Shriner’s Circus – Shrine Clown Skit 2017

Sleepy The Clown at Wpg Circus Club Showcase 2017

Traditional video showing a clown trying to blow up a balloon.

The Clown | Short film

video by Shot Films

Clown Doctors Help Heal with Humor

They say that laughter is the best medicine and The Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit has been helping doctors by bringing humor into their hospitals since 1986. HooplaHa recently spent a day at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, Maryland with original Clown Care team member Bill Boots (Dr. Boots) and his partner Matthew Pauli (Dr. Spats). Members of the Clown Care team work with physicians to conduct ‘clown rounds,’ their own version of medical rounds, where the healing power of humor is always the prescription!

Omeleto video about Clowns

Video by Omeleto

A clown spent 40 years making people laugh. Then, he takes off his makeup and reveals the sad truth.

Lowestoft clown convention 2017

Video by EDP24

Street Performer Clowns

Two international clowns perform on the street. Watch their video on YouTube at