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Lew-E the Clown’s Comedic Circus

Lew-E took to the stage at Auburn CityFest2017 for his performance
Video by KickerFM

Clown Bilby – Clown (Ukraine)

A clown performance without words….

Moila Shriner’s Circus – Shrine Clown Skit 2017

Sleepy The Clown at Wpg Circus Club Showcase 2017

Traditional video showing a clown trying to blow up a balloon.

Street Performer Clowns

Two international clowns perform on the street. Watch their video on YouTube at

Robot Clown

This guy knows how to move. Video posted by Samir Artist

Sasha clown performance

Sasha, Aleks & Benji Mime-Clowns – The Bulgarian Clowns
Posted by Sasha Koychev

Clown Alley Shuffle 1986

featuring the Cheerful Clown Alley 166 from Houston, Texas & Pax In Terra with Tim Cotto, Rody Hillman, & Allen Graves

Clown Circus street version

Video by clownoff

Clowning his way into the record books

Video posted by Jeff Brady: The International Shrine Clown Association held its annual convention in Billings this year to honor Billings resident Floyd Creeky Creekmore.