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Since The Circus Left Town

Some songs stick in your mind because the lyrics have touched your heart. Those songs really resonate if the music brings back fond memories. “Since the Circus Left Town” is one of those songs. The brand-new song was written by John Stevens, Jr. and Timothy Wright of Indiana’s own The Wright Brothers Band when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced the end of an era of talented acrobats, clowns and performers.

“Since the Circus Left Town” pays homage to The Greatest Show On Earth®, which delighted families for six decades. The music video can be found on YouTube. It is a reflective story from three perspectives. The first is that of a seven-year-old little boy reliving his circus memories in front of an audience of his beloved stuffed animals and toys. The second is through the eyes of a smiley-faced clown and what it means for her to lose what’s dearest to her heart as she takes her clown face makeup off for the last time. The third perspective is an emotionally delivered performance by Stevens, who narrates the song and Tim Wright, who plays his harmonica, dobro and mandolin and sings harmonies.

The actors in the video fondly remember happier times when their families visited the three rings of a big top, witnessed the ringmaster’s call, and watched as the talented acrobats performed daring tricks. Sadly, the sights and sounds of the circus melt away as the smile of the clown turns to a frown and the roar of a crowd becomes a distant memory that fades to black.

Scenes from the new music video were shot at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis on its world-renowned carousel that celebrates its 100th year anniversary this year (2017), The Athena Center, home of the old Crawfordsville Indiana High School gym and the bedroom and imagination of seven-year-old Kameron Scrimager also of Crawfordsville.

“Since The Circus Left Town”
Artist: John Stevens, Jr.
Songwriters: John Stevens, Jr. and Timothy Wright
Music: John Stevens, Jr. and Timothy Wright
Videographer: Taylor Blythe
Clown: Faith Marie
Little Boy: Kameron Scrimager
Producer: Keith Claghorn
Recording Location: KC Pro Studio Indianapolis

Media Contact:
John Stevens, Jr.

Visit John Stevens at:

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The King Stag– “Circus”

Backstage at “The King Stag” at SU Drama! Feb. 2017
Music: “Circus” by Britney Spears

Robot Clown

This guy knows how to move. Video posted by Samir Artist

Clown Alley Shuffle 1986

featuring the Cheerful Clown Alley 166 from Houston, Texas & Pax In Terra with Tim Cotto, Rody Hillman, & Allen Graves

Dance Jokes

Q: Where did the hamburger go to dance?
A: At the Meat ball

Q: How many dance teachers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Five!…Six!…Seven!…Eight!

Q: What is your car’s favorite dance?
A: The brake dance.

Q: Where do fortune tellers dance?
A: At the crystal ball.

Q: Where is the best place to dance in California?
A: San Fran Disco

Fun Music Video

I don’t know the story behind this video, but I found it while looking for a good “Happy Birthday” video.

Ready to Monday – The Band of the Bold – Marlon Webb – a-ha – Take On Me (unofficial video)

This made me laugh…. I wish I had the moves to dance like that….

Ready to Monday by The Band of the Bold – Marlon Webb – Splack Chauncey – Stubb – a-ha – Take On Me (unofficial video)
The Band Of The Bold w/ Splack Chauncey Stubbs shot by PACMAN PAYEN IB Chloe LMAO Song: Take On Me by a-ha

Clown dance party! Ringling bros presents “Dragons”

Video by my friend, DJ Weiss
What’s more fun then a clown dance party at the Greatest Show On Earth!!!
Here’s a video clip of the clown dance party during pre show of the 142nd Ed. ” Dragons”! Presented By Ringling Bros.

Merry Christmas Clowns

Regia: Devlin Bogino
Clowns: Oriolo / Gensi / Eddy / Anatholy / Devlin
Camera: Sergi Buca