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Clowns in Boy’s Life from November 1997

The cover story from the Boy’s Life issue in November 1997 featured an article about Eagle Scout Steven McGinley’s experience at Clown College.

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Show Me Clowns for Jesus 2015 Saturday Night Highlights

Show Me Clowns for Jesus 2015 Friday Highlights

Clown CORNvention

The following is from an email from Steve “Tiny” Daly…

We are wanting to get the word out about this unbelieveable 3-day convention located in the heart of America (Des Moines, Iowa) The convention features a LOT of events not normally seen at a clown gathering (Clown schools, camps, conventions, etc.) – we limit registration to just 200 to allow our attendees plenty of “one-on-one time” with the Clown Stars – and we bring in a LOT of CLLOWN SUPER STARS!

Our last convention featured such names as Toto Johnson, Earl Chaney, Jim Howle, Leon McBryde, Felix Silla (Felix is a little person who was the original Cousin IT from the Adams Family TV Show and a former Ringling Bros Circus Clown in 1955), Greg DeSanto, Pricilla Mooseburger, Julie Varholdt, and many MANY others…

The 2015 CORNvention is shaping up to be SPECTACULAR! Hands on workshops, lectures, shows, Alley contest, a VERY special “Earl MR CLOWN Chaney” 70th Birthday Party, more than 35 former Ringling Clowns, HUGE Dealers Room, Flea Market, Raffles, Silent Auction, FREE Gifts, Free snacks, and a LOT MORE!

UNIQUE things such as learning how to make “Paper Portrait Silhouttes” – Birthday Party Shows – Daycare Center Shows – History of Clowning – Balloon Twisting (beginners to EXTREME ADVANCED), The BUSINESS of being a clown (How to make $$$$$$ clowning), Performing Magic (easy to advanced), a PROFESIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER with a SUPER OFFER of a 20-min photo shoot for just $25!!!!!!! The list goes on and on.

This convention is THREE DAYS packed with FUN, EXCITEMENT, and FILLED with knowledge! Held at the Airport Holiday Inn conveniently located DIRECTLY across the street from the Des Moines International Airport with 24/7 FREE Shuttle service!

The Convention dates are : MAY 14, 15, 16, 2015 in DES MOINES, IOWA.
The Website address is:

Clowns on Ice

Donna’s Detroit: Clowning around on ice
Clown lover and her costumed pals lace up the skates each year at Campus Martius