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More Clown Skits

Don Christian International Clown and Comedy The 3 Heads

Bonbon dancing puppets in Circus Finlandia 2010

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey world famous clowns in Bridgeport, CT

Late Train
Routine for the Ohio Clown College Graduation performances. What happens when the train is late?

Clown Skits

I have been looking for ideas for skits I could use at clown conventions. There are a few websites with skits for scouts at summer camp.

Skits at ScoutoRama
Campfire Skits at Camping Dude

There are also skits on YouTube

Clown Skit: Dog through hoop

Sweet Potato attempts to get her dog to jump through a hoop. When it doesn’t work, Wacko will have to improvise to save the trick!

Bakery Gag

Reducing Machine Gag

Reducing Machine gag on the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus in the early 90′s. The gag was produced by Jimmy Douglass.

Clowns on YouTube

Ringling Clowns Visits the Children’s Hospital

Skit at WCA Convention 2012

WCA Convention 2012
1st Place winners, Group Skit Competition