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Clown Camera clown Skit with Papa Razzi

Video by ClownAntics

Check out this cute and funny clown skit with Papa Razzi of the Call Us Clowns group!
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Clown Electric Car Commercial

Video by environmentaldefence

This is no clown act. Electric cars are more affordable than ever and go the distance. The next time you need a car, choose to reduce your carbon footprint. Go electric. Sign up to find out more about choices you can make to reduce your impact on the environment go to

Grandma and the Big Apple Circus

Talkin’ Big Tops With Grandma The Clown
Video by CBS New York
The Big Apple Circus is back in town, celebrating 40 years of fun times.

12-year-old joins Ringling Bros. circus clowns

Video by New York Daily News

Seventh grader Michael J. Sheridan, 12, gets the chance of a lifetime… to play along with the famed clowns at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus.

Buttercup The Clown | STN Submission Film

Video by Bryce Davis

Aspiring stand-up comedian Buttercup The Clown decides it’s time to break out of his inherited clown persona.

2017 Cedartown Fire Department Clown Safety Program

Video by CityofCedartown

Clown’s Round Table Pizza Commercial

Video by uhhhkyle25

Years ago, my mother and I entered into a contest for Round Table Pizza in the Sacramento area. With the help of some of our clown friends, we won the contest! This is the commercial we made. I wrote, filmed, and edited the video, and our clown friends made it special. Enjoy!

KCI Economy Parking TV Commercial

Video by KCIAirport

Clowns in TV commercial from 2010
Serious travelers save more with Economy Parking. Not so serious ones do too!

Mary Had a Little Lamb Clown Skit with Poppi and Petunia

Video by ClownAntics
Oops! Poppi didn’t see that coming when Petunia got it right! Watch their Mary Had A Little Lamb clown skit.

Long Distance Clown Skit with Petunia and Jerital

Video by ClownAntics

Watch this funny and easy clown skit by Petunia and Jerital of the Call Us Clowns group!

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